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Safe & Healthy Homes

Do you know that most people do not know how to make their homes safe and healthy ?

Do you know that the reason most people go from home to hospital is because of falls taking place in the home ?

Do you know that children, elderly and visitors are less immuned to your home's safety and health issues ?

In 2011, SNH Inspection & Testing Services launched a new and exciting service entitled "Safe & Healthy Home Assessments".  As a result of years of home inspections, environmental testing, safe & sanitary education, and specialized training, SNH Inspection & Testing Services is well positioned to listen, discuss, assess, and test your home's overall safety and health. This is not a home inspection or a doctor's visit, but a person to person evaluation and discussion of how to make your home safe and healthy for all that live there or visit.

Safe & Healthy Home assessments are a careful assessment of your home's safety and healthly surroundings. It will typically involve a room by room assessment of how safe and how healthy your home is relative to layout and precautions against trips, falls, slips, etc. for all persons especially children and elderly. It will also assess any obvious/visual healthy issues regarding hazard material, environmental hazards, etc.

Most Assessments in the past start off by the customer calling us and complaining of some type of allergenic or pathogenic symtom. We do not profess to be any type of medical doctor, but we do understand how an unsafe and unhealthy home can affect your health and well being.

It may also require the assessor's or customer's suggestion to test further. Indoor air quality (Mold), Radon Air and Water, drinking/potable water testing, spent-exhaust gas testing, and many others.

If though we customize your assessment based on a phone conversation and visit, there are two service packages available.

Basic Package ($385 value-mention our website when you call and get a $25 discount = $360): includes room by room evaluation of fall, trip, and bump hazards, electrical safety, 4 gas check (oxygen, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and unspent volatile gases), safety and fire detector placement, on-site consultancy, insect & vermin check, and much more....

Advanced Package ($575 value - mention our website when you call and get a $50 discount = $525): includes Basic Package plus basic potable water test, radon air test.

Additional tests (mold surface, mold air, bulk asbestos, bed bug, mercer, advanced water tests, etc.) can be conducted if requested/warranted by the customer for additional costs.

Remember, you live, drink, sleep, cook, breathe at least 50% of your life in your home. Shouldn't you take every precaution for you, your family, your guests safety and health ?

Home Sweet Home. Home Safe Home. Home Healthy Home.
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