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Time Saving Tips

Purchase & Sale Agreement should be signed by all parties before making an appointment with an inspector. You can certainly call beforehand to discuss your upcoming inspection needs, but the seller of subject property must agree to you having a home inspection before you schedule one. This is important since it reveils the sellers' authorization that the buyer, the buyer's agent and the inspector can enter the property to conduct an inspection and any tests listed on the Purchase and Sale. This protects all parties.

Always bring a copy of the seller's disclosure documents to the inspection. It will help the inspector make the inspection process go smoother and more complete.

If the major utilities are turned off (like the electrical service, plumbing supply, hot water, and heating system), you may want to make arrangements that they be turned and made functional via normal controls. This will allow you home inspector to provide you a complete home inspection. Remember, state law prevents home inspectors from turning on utilities. And if the inspector needs to return to the property multiple times, additional costs will be incurred.

If you are pursuing government backed/insured home owner financing, like FHA, VA, USDA, NH Housing, etc., ask your lender if there are any special needs or reports or tests from the inspection. Most of this agencies require special water tests if a well is your source of water or a septic inspection if a septic is present. There may be other requirements that you should check on before the inspection.

The inspection of your upcoming process is very important. You should be there. It will also be to your benefit if you are not disturbed with  friends and family who 'want to visit' but only take your attention away from the home inspection. The home inspection typically takes 2 +/- hours (less for condos and mobile homes; more for multi-families and larger homes). You want to take advantage of every minute with the inspector so you fully understand what you are buying.

Every State has a consumer protection department. Know your rights as a consumer. We home inspectors are here to protect you by means of a well defined home inspection process and scope of work.

One of the biggest mistakes we hear from home buyers is that they went with the 'cheapest' priced home inspector. Cheap isn't necessary always bad, but you really need to ask what the inspectors' qualifications are. Make sure that they have been in the business for a few years, have inspected at least 500 homes, are licensed, and can help you with various environmental tests that you or your lender may require.
Belonging to certain organizations is helpful but not a determining factor. Being licensed is a determining factor.

Don't let the banks 'strong-arm' you. Remember you are the paying customer. Your satisfaction, and not the banks, is what is important.
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